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Episode 3

Motown and More

Episode 3
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The power of the music is undeniable on its face but Fritz and Weezy also explore the roll this music has played in the Civil Rights Movement. Berry Gordy was the first black business owner to sell his product to a predominantly white audience. He was not only selling music. He was providing a shared experience which amplified our collective human bond. Music is color blind. It moves us all to tap a foot, bob a shoulder, or dance. It also moves us closer to understanding how similar we really are. We explore great Motown biographies like Dreamgirl: My Life As A Supreme by Mary Wilson, Temptations by Ottis Williams, Inside My Life by Smokey Robinson, the documentary about The Funk Brothers, Standing In The Shadows of Motown and the Showtime documentary, Hitsville: The Making Of Motown.

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