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Episode 185

Six Decades Of Showbiz Adventures & The Magic Of Classic Era Sci Fi with Veronica Cartwright

Episode 185
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Veronica Cartwright is the queen of classic era genre film and TV. Every role iconic. Every story spine-tingling. Veronica joins us for a deep dive into her decades of action packed history making roles beginning with child actor turns on The Twilight Zone, The Birds, Daniel Boone and The Children’s Hour. Her early screen scream training prepared her for legendary grownup parts in Alien, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and The Witches of Eastwick. We get a front row seat for all of the movie-making magic secrets and shocking behind-the-scenes revelations.

Veronica shares charming Donald Sutherland stories, explains how to fortify your body against the perils of snatching, where to shelter in the event of a bird attack and audition techniques for a role that requires throwing up cherries. Did you know that Veronica brought sex and violence to the set of Leave it to Beaver? This minx of Mayfield both kissed and punched Beaver.

How did Veronica befriend Quentin Tarantino on a plane? Why did her Daniel Boone TV Mom get her fired!?  What’s her favorite role? Why did Alfred Hitchcock attempt to impress her with his wine collection when she was 12? All will be revealed.

Plus, with 157 IMDB credits, a round of IMDB Roulette brings stories of The Rat Pack, Inside The Osmonds and Will and Grace (She’s Jack’s Mom!)

Her next credits include a new Netflix series with Ted Danson and more!

Plus, Weezy is back from Ireland with tales of her journey, enriched by a Frank Delaney book, Ireland: A Novel. And Fritz is recommending the new Amy Winehouse biopic, Back To Black.

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