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Episode 184

Little House, Big Cultural Impact & The Sweethearts of Classic TV with Dean Butler

Episode 184
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Little House on the Prairie takes us back to a time when modern distractions were stripped away and life was pared down to the values which define us: kindness, community, compassion and collaboration. Without the miracle of time travel, we do get to huddle together and gather ‘round the warmth of a streaming episode of Little House.  Dean Butler played the man who put the “Wilder” in Laura Ingalls Wilder. He was the Prairie heartthrob who lit up the heart of Half-Pint and Little House fans the world over.

Dean joins us to celebrate the release of his new book, Prairie Man: My Little House Life & Beyond, as well as the 50th Anniversary of of Little House which will be heralded at events throughout the summer.

Dean shares the joys and challenges of fulfilling Michael Landon’s exacting vision of Almanzo. He talks about his controversial age gap with co-star Melissa Gilbert (adhering to Little House history) her mother’s anguished cries over their first kiss, his close, co-star bonds and how they all work together to honor and sustain the Little House legacy.

Dean tells us about his tremendous admiration for Michael Landon and for fellow cast-mates who served as mentors like Katherine MacGregor and Victor French.  He gives us some history on how Ed Friendly developed the books into the series but then diverged with Michael Landon over their TV adaptation. Dean also reveals some of the parallels he discovered in his relationships with both his father and with Michael Landon.

And big news for Little House fans, the LHOTP reunion weekend at Big Sky Movie Ranch in Simi Valley was such a smash, tours of the sets will be continuing throughout the summer, some of which will be led by Dean! All that plus a round of LIttle House Trivia!

In recommendations, Weezy enjoyed the Acorn series Kiri, and Fritz jumps into the Baby Reindeer conversation.

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