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Episode 180

Radio Through The Decades & Broadcasters In The Digital Age with Joe Cipriano, Larry Morgan & Travis Richey

Episode 180
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It’s a Premiere Radio Networks Reunion as we are joined by two broadcasting legends who worked with Weezy in the '80s and '90s and are now industry heavyweights: voice talent and king of the promo, Joe Cipriano and radio exec and DJ for LA's legendary KEARTH 101, Larry Morgan! We're chatting about legacy media and our collective memories of radio's heyday and processing how we are all evolving within our fields as technology continues its march towards confounding boomers with seven factor authentication.

Also with us is new-school content creator, author, actor, and podcaster Travis Richey who shares his utilization of digital tools as he journeys from boy with a dream to working industry professional.

We look fondly back on our analog childhoods where we put on a show with our cassette tape recorders and wired our bedrooms for two block radius radio transmission! Joe and Larry each scored radio station jobs as teenagers and Travis was feverishly writing Star Trek spec scripts before traveling to Hollywood to join the Acme Comedy group based on advice he found on Wil Wheaton’s blog.

We examine how radio has changed both culturally and operationally, as we recall the days of big name DJ personalities, air checks, meter readings, FCC licenses, and stacks of carts.   Joe remembers his first voice over home studio and his pioneering ISDN line efforts for remote recording and he previews his unique opportunity promo Masterclass! Learn from Joe how to be like Joe! Larry shares how Covid inspired radio stations to evolve quickly into broadcasting with just a laptop and some wifi, and Fritz shares his experience as a radio station music director. Then we dip into the future, as AI steers us in exciting and terrifying directions!

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Franklin on Apple + and The Witch Trials of J.K. Rowling Podcast.

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