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Episode 179

A Supreme Showbiz Legacy & Heroic Acts For Humankind with Annie Potts

Episode 179
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Cultural icon Annie Potts is beloved by fans of every age, and for excellent reason. Her bright on-screen light emanates from deep within her own actual warm soul and big heart! The length and breadth of her philanthropic work rivals her IMDB credits and she’s hovering at 114 of those. Most recognizable now as Young Sheldon’s Meemaw, you may also know her for Corvette Summer, Pretty In Pink, and the Ghostbusters and Toy Story franchises.

Annie shares with us her deep affection for her Young Sheldon co-stars and the joy and honor it has been to help and watch them grow up.

Annie’s first long-running sit-com was Designing Women where she played Mary Jo Shively, alongside Jean Smart, Dixie Carter and Delta Burke. Together, in an age before internet harassment they weathered the storm of co-star Delta falling victim to the tabloid bully that was the National Enquirer. Cast camaraderie has always been key for Annie.

Consider yourself warned, Phantasms. In Ghostbusters Frozen Empire (now in theaters) Annie is finally suiting up and busting some ghost! Also, her sultry Bo Peep has a star turn in Toy Story 5 which will hit theaters next year.

Annie also shares some backstage stories, tells us which of her shows she wishes had enjoyed a longer run and gives us a peek into the Young Sheldon finale and a spinoff that will feature Young Georgie. Then, Annie takes on a round of IMDB Roulette.

All that, plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending A Man In Full and Baby Reindeer, both on Netflix. Annie’s pick for you is Alice and Jack on PBS!

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