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Episode 177

Inside The Halls Of Congress & Career Fluidity with Jasmine Crockett & Michael Burger

Episode 177
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We are attaining excellence and saving democracy. High bars easily cleared by our guests, Congresswoman Jasmine Crockett and TV Host/Motivational Speaker Michael Burger.

Jasmine Crockett proudly represents Texas’ 30th District. She is a Freshman Leadership Representative, fighting hard for reproductive and voting rights and her viral moments in committee are legend. She is coming in hard for MAGA Republicans and sharing her insights and strategies on energizing our Democratic base, reclaiming our human rights and standing united with Leader Hakeem Jeffries.

When showbiz veteran Michael Burger lost The Price Is Right hosting gig to Drew Carey, he realized that he had a skill set that transcended the studio set. He takes us on a hilariously, uplifting journey from the high seas (where he began as a cruise ship comic) to Southern California where he has worked on and off camera on a slew of sitcoms, game and talk shows, (He's hosted 4000 hours of TV!) to corporate conference rooms across the land where he inspires and motivates today's most powerful business leaders.

Michael shares stories about his iconic colleagues, like Home & Family co-host Christina Ferrare, Betty White, and the cast of Hot in Cleveland (he was the warm up guy), Johnny Carson and Gregory Peck plus we learn his pick for the greatest game show host of all time and we hear how Pat Sajak tanked Fritz’s budding game show hosting career!

In recommendations, Weezy is picking the documentary series Synanon Fix on HBO and Fritz is a fan of A Gentleman in Moscow on Amazon Prime.

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