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Episode 176

Life Lessons In Musical Form & Gen X TV Memories

Episode 176
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Are you a New Zoo 70s Kid? The New Zoo Revue starred Freddy The Frog, Charlie The Owl, Henrietta Hippo and real-life couple, Doug Momary and Emily Jo Peden Momary. Together with their courtyard of critters, they taught kids the values of courtesy, cooperation, humility, patience, kindness, problem-solving, manners, and promises. Throughout the 70s and beyond, the show aired five days a week and it was packed with fun, humor, lessons and music. Each episode was a mini-musical with Doug writing the scripts and over 600 songs.

The goal was to create a warm, nurturing and entertaining environment which would fortify kids with some guidance and wisdom to take with them into life. Now, nearly 40 years later, they are sharing their memories on Youtube, Facebook and Instagram and New Zoo kids, now in their 50s and 60s are completely delighted!

Doug and Emmy Jo join us this week to paint a picture of what it was like behind the scenes, complete with hectic production schedules, appeasing the advertisers, two White House visits and an unrelenting drive to provide quality programming to little kids on their way into facing life’s challenges.

The Moberys met doing summer stock in Santa Maria, CA and they have been together ever since, creating quality kid content and raising their own family. The full circle moment being when their daughter Joanna opened a New Zoo Facebook page, reintroducing them to their loyal fanbase who credit them with life lessons that have sustained them. Be on the lookout. Doug, Emmy Jo, Joanna and Freddy may be heading to a Comic-Con near you.

Until then, enjoy their completely engaging stories and go find them online!

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