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Episode 175

Standup Comedy & Modern Classic Film Acting with Kevin Pollak

Episode 175
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Get ready to rewatch some Mrs. Maisel with the man behind Moishe, Kevin Pollak! His podcast is called My Mrs. Maisel Pod and he is taking a deep dive into the show with co-stars, creators and celebrity super-fans.

Kevin joins us to talk about his podcast celebration of the writing, production and cinematic marvel that is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel along with his old school casting of pod, The Kevin Pollak Chat Show featuring ten years of conversations with superstars like Larry David, Dick Van Dyke, Tom Hanks, Bill Burr and Elon Musk, (in Kevin's words "before he became a bond villain.”)

We chart the full trajectory of Kevin's career, from standup to Avalon, A Few Good Men, The Usual Suspects and beyond including a round of IMDB Roulette which takes us to the lands of Wayne’s World II, L.A. Story and Drunk History.

From there, Kevin graces us with the world’s greatest Peter Falk/Alan Arkin/Johnny Carson story, and some important insight into Jack Nicholson’s iconic A Few Good Men moment… if you can handle the truth.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending The Girls On The Bus on HBO and Rachel Maddow’s best selling book, Prequel: An American Fight Against Fascism.

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