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Episode 171

A Lifetime of Showbiz Memories & Advice for Aspiring Actors with Patrick Labyorteaux

Episode 171
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Patrick Labyorteaux’s career crosses generations, giving him unique access to experiences, co-stars, genres and fans who are currently finding his array of fascinating inside stories on TikTok.

Boomers know Patrick as Andy Garvey from Little House on the Prairie. Gen Xers loved him in teen classics and cult favorites like Heathers and Summer School. Millennials know him from 3 Ninjas and you and your dad or grandpa may love watching him together in JAG and NCIS.

Patrick is using his decades of working wisdom to coach actors and entertain fans. His acting program and his TikTok channel are called Working Actors School. Patrick shares his backstage stories with us, beginning with his early work in commercials, and his first film, Blazing Saddles, and on to his scene sharing experiences with Lucille Ball, Sean Penn, Michael Landon, the two Coreys and Ray Bolger who dusted off a corner of an MGM soundstage to show the LHOTP kids the actual yellow brick road! Yes, you are following your Media Path to where it intersects with the Yellow Brick Road.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Horse by Geraldine Brooks and American Conspiracy: The Octopus Murders on Netflix.

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