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Episode 170

Behind The Scenes of 70s TV & An Uplifting Wings Guitarist with Laurence Juber & Shelley Herman

Episode 170
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Our Media Path takes us to the influential and iconic 70s when Paul McCartney & Wings flew over Europe, The UK, and The World, lifted by the guitar mastery of Laurence Juber and when studio pages roamed the NBC hallways, collecting memorable celebrity encounters and handing gift cards to Johnny Carson.

Former page, Shelley Herman is an Emmy-Nominated TV writer who has penned a delicious tell-all about her page years called, My Peacock Tale: Secrets of An NBC Page. It’s stuffed with dishy stories about Robin Williams, Andy Kaufman, Ringo Starr, Johnny Cash, Jimmy Stewart, Harry Chapin, and Lucille Ball. As a page, Shelley pulled from her arsenal of wit, charm, courage and grit to navigate moody celebs, exacting execs and the occasional #MeToo, brutish assault. All in a polyester skirt and close toed shoes. Her book will enrich, amuse and inspire you!

Then Laurence and Hope Juber fill our studio with their love for each other and for their talented daughters, Ilsey and Nico Juber. Their “How We Met” story is a bright light of fate, destiny, spiritual intervention and Beatles! Your jaw will plummet. Stretch first. The Jubers are a show biz dynasty. Hope’s dad, Sherwood Schwartz is the celebrated mind behind Gilligan’s Island and The Brady Bunch. She played Greg Brady’s girlfriend, she heads up a band called The Nasty Housewives, and she produced Laurence’s latest album, recorded at Abbey Road Studios, A Day In My Life.

Laurence is a Grammy winning guitarist, recording artist, composer and arranger. AND, he was Fritz’s bandleader on his late night comedy show, It’s Fritz. So, these two are diving into some catching up.  And then, Laurence serenades us with a little Blackbird.

Also, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Frontline’s The Harvest: Integrating Mississippi’s Schools on PBS and Feud: Capote VS. The Swans, available on several platforms, including Hulu, and YouTube.

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