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Episode 169

Bob Cowsill & Raized Wrong: TikTok Teen Idols & Generations of Family Bands

Episode 169
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Raized Wrong is two young brothers, Landon and Lyric Goldberg, and their father Donny. They are a newly minted but third generation family band. Donny, along with his dad and brother head up a Beach Boys tribute band called Surf’s Up. Having learned his trade well from his dad, Donny is passing it on to his sons, ages 12 and 13. Their tight vocal harmonies on classic hits have shot their TikTok following climbing quickly towards a million and Lyric and Landon are on a fast track to teen idol heights so we hooked them up with a man who’s been there, Bob Cowsill of The Cowsills.

Bob understands pop melodies and intricate harmonies and he is duly impressed with the tight sounds of this accomplished and talented family band. Together, they are talking about musical roots and inspirations, sibling harmonies, parents in the band, rehearsal and performance experiences and balancing childhood with show business. Plus, Lyric and Landon go to Teen Mag Nosy Question school with Bob who has answered his share of them.

You will remember when you first knew that Raized Wrong is on its way to musical history.

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