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Episode 168

Revealing Extremist Roots & The Role Of Faith In Politics with Dan Partland

Episode 168
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Dan Partland has amassed an impressive body of documentary film work including, American High, Intervention, American Style, American Race and Apple’s top selling doc of all time, #Unfit, which studies the dangerous psychology of Donald Trump. Along with Rob Reiner, Dan is now bringing us God + Country, opening in theaters this Friday. Dan joins us to talk about the film which chronicles the current wave of American right wing extremism that is jeopardizing our nation’s governing principles, our humanistic ideals and the Christian faith itself.

God + Country visits the pews and pulpits of our nation’s mega-churches from where we learn that right wing Christian extremists believe that America is fulfilling a Messianic prophecy and their God given mission is to see it through, by any means necessary. Dan tells us that this current wave of Christian extremism is rooted in racism and is determined to enshrine white Christians at the top of a cultural caste system.

Christian nationalism is the belief that America should be a government mandated Christian nation. GOD & COUNTRY explores how a base of Christians has radically stoked a movement which is erasing the line between Church and State. Dan shares that there are almost 200,000,000 Americans who identify as Christians and many of them now fear that their faith is being hijacked by an extreme right wing political movement.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Genius: MLK/X on Nat Geo/Hulu/Disney + and Expats on Prime.

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