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Episode 166

The Lotto-Winner Politician & A Primer On State Level Leadership

Episode 166
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We’re going deep with Democratic candidates on the primary ballot for Congress and for the California State Assembly. Gil Cisneros is running to replace a retiring Grace Napolitano for CA 31 in the San Gabriel Valley. And local businessman and Swing Left organizer Steve Pierson is running for the 44th Assembly district in California.

Gil is a former Naval Officer who served previously in California’s 39th district and as Under Secretary of Defense in the Biden Administration. Gil and his wife won $266 million dollars in California’s Mega Millions Lottery. They have put the windfall to wonderful use, setting up scholarship funds across the San Gabriel Valley.

We talk to Gil about the great hypothetical question, “What would I do if I won the lottery?” And his ability to stay that course once dream became reality. We ask him why he left the Republican Party in 2008, we discuss the issues that concern his district like immigration, homelessness, transportation, and the environment. Gil is eager to get to work advocating for veterans, gun safety reform, economic opportunity for working families, climate action, defending women’s rights and furthering the diversity programs he credits with his own pathway to success.

Steve Pierson came to politics very naturally. His father worked on The Great Society in the LBJ administration. Steve took a detour into the entertainment industry, but after the election of Trump he spearheaded Swing Left, a grassroots organizational effort to flip purple districts blue.

Steve’s assembly district will cover much of the East San Fernando Valley and he has already travelled to Sacramento to meet with members, build relationships and discuss future legislation that could best serve his district. Steve tells us that California’s state house super majority allows them to make groundbreaking laws that serve as models for the country in clean energy, transportation, gun safety and health care.  Steve looks forward to using his skills as an organizer and his background in entertainment to build strong teams and work towards passing CalCare – California’s Medicare for All Plan — taking climate action, addressing our homeless crisis and ensuring that those seeking treatment get the support they need.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Archie on Brit Box and Still on Apple +.

Californians! Your primary ballot is on its way. The top two vote-getters for Senate, Congress and Assembly will move on to the general election. Get your ballot in the mail by March 5th!

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