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Episode 165

A Multimedia Standup Style & Radio Comedy Memories

Episode 165
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When Fritz and Weezy were developing a Comedy Central pilot with Henry Winkler called, The Couch, their bright, ambitious intern was an up and coming young comic named Eric Schwartz who dutifully made coffee, sandwich and cue card runs. Today, Eric’s comedy special. Delivery, is all the rage on Youtube, and Fritz brought him a sandwich.

Eric joins us to discuss his unique blending of his talent palette which includes: comedy, parody, music, dance, impressions and multi-media wizardry. His inspirations include Weird Al Yankovic and his marketing instincts had him trending early on MySpace. In addition to his talent cocktail, Eric’s family background features a mix of influences. He calls himself “a quarter-step-Mexican and infuses his act with a rich celebration of cultura!

Weezy comes to this episode armed with photos of Eric before he embraced his hair’s great escape and faced the age-old bald guy dilemma: “drugs, rugs or plugs.” Eric went with smooth and has not looked back.

Eric fondly recalls his early work with Weezy at Premiere Radio, where they helped supply morning shows with comedy bits. He points to both Fritz and Weezy as mentors and shares how he has poured his entire heart and soul into this Youtube special.

He takes us backstage, talking cameras, equipment and lighting and reveals his inner-crowd-work battle when the chairs started breaking!

Having just opened for Jo Koy on his Just Kidding Tour, Eric has some thoughts on Jo’s controversial hosting of The Golden Globes.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending A Good Person on Prime & MGM+, and Slow Horses on Apple TV+, and Eric has an old school media suggestion of his own!

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