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Episode 162

Keeping The OC Blue & A Standup Rebranding

Episode 162
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Comedy and Democracy are on the bill. We are welcoming Congressional Candidate Dave Min from Orange County, CA and comedian Taylor Williamson.

State Senator Dave Min is running to fill Katie Porter’s seat in Congress. He has her endorsement and he is entirely determined to keep CA 47 Blue and bring his passion for gun violence prevention, climate action, small business advocacy, and reproductive rights legislation to Congress. Plus, Weezy’s nephew, Jake Palanker is in studio to press Senator Min on his water protection policy ideas.

Then Taylor Williamson joins us to talk about his new Youtube special, Live At The Comedy Store. Taylor came in second on America’s Got Talent which was a huge wave to ride and successfully showcase his unique humor brand. Now, he’s crafted his own 36 minute special of perfectly curated hilarity. It’s drawing rave reviews and opening doors to podcasts even more powerful than ours, (for example, WTF with Marc Maron) if you can believe such a thing exists.

Taylor shares how social media has changed the standup game, some inside skinny on his crazy AGT ride, Comedy Store love/hate stories (Fritz and Weezy come equipped with their own) and how he’s now opening for Marc Maron!

Plus, Weezy is eager to talk about Henry Winkler’s new memoir, Being Henry: The Fonz and Beyond and Fritz is recommending May/December on Netflix.

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