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Episode 161

The Inner Work Of Anti-Racism & Running For Congress In California

Episode 161
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Prepare to be inspired: we're chatting with bold women who are dynamically improving our world for us and for future generations. Dr. Roxy Manning and Sarah Peyton have co-written The Anti-Racist Heart: A Self-Compassion and Activism Handbook. It’s a hands-on approach to teaching anti-racist action, combining neuroscience and mindfulness with social justice. Plus, Assembly Member Laura Friedman is running for California’s 30th Congressional seat and she shares her vision for meeting the needs of constituents.

Dr. Roxy and Sarah talk about the neuroscience which undergirds their workbook and how self-compassion is fundamental in working towards a deeper  understanding of race and its effect on our lived experiences. Removing shame allows us to align our anger with the love at its core. What matters most to us and why are we fighting to protect it? Understanding the root of our values will help us create a more equitable world.

Then, Assembly Member Laura Friedman has vital March ballot info for California voters. The top two contenders from our March Primary will make their way  onto the November ballot where they will vie for Adam Schiff’s seat. He is currently running to become our next Senator. Laura tells us about her background, her impressive progressive record and how she plans to take her skill set into Congress where she will actively work towards addressing our homeless issue, environmental justice, health care for all, bringing down the cost of housing and removing dark money from elections.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending The Prize: An Epic Quest For Oil And Money on Prime and Great Photo, Lovely Life on HBO Max.

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