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Episode 160

Showcasing American Music Icons & What We All Need To Know About Dogs

Episode 160
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We are celebrating the most important gifts of any season: love, companionship and connection. Our guests are author Pilley Bianchi whose book, For The Love off Dog celebrates our rich canine bestie history and invites you to teach your any-age dog some new tricks. And TJ Lubinsky joins us to discuss his newest My Music Presents/PBS Special, Steve Lawrence and Eydie Gorme: Memories of My Mom And Dad.

Inspired by the work of her father John W. Pilley, the psychologist whose Border collie, Chaser, charmed the nation with his impressive understanding of language, Pilley hopes to share with you what she learned from her Dad and Chaser and inspire you to to better engage with your dog. She’s written the ultimate handbook designed to teach you how to teach your dog.

TJ Lubinsky is eager to tell us about his 20 year journey towards finally making the Steve and Eydie special of his dreams. Teen heartbreak led TJ to sooth his soul with the sound of Steve Lawrence and now TJ has teamed with Carol Burnett, Michael Feinstein and Steve and Eydie’s son, David Lawrence, to bring you a PBS special rich with remarkable musical TV moments featuring his parents singing, I’m Into Something Big, Sunrise Sunset, Blame It On The Bossa Nova, Portrait Of My Love, More, and more!

We learn from TJ that management obstruction led to the long delay. We hear about the surprising source of the pristine footage he was able to find deep in a vault and we come to understand the role David's recollections played in the making of this visual celebration of the greatest singing spouse act in American music history.

All that, plus TJ shares how his attention to detail pays off in the live shows he produces featuring legacy acts, why he always begins every project with the right intentions and the seemingly serendipitous ways in which he helps artists receive their well earned moments of recognition and appreciation!

And Fritz is recommending Napoleon in theaters and streaming, and Weezy was moved by the Charles Blow documentary South to Black Power on Max.

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