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Episode 159

The Truth About Guardianships & A Quirky Christmas Musical

Episode 159
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It’s a not entirely merry episode of Media Path with some hard but cautionary truths about guardianships AND, a new Christmas musical that celebrates our festive diversity.

Greg Thirloway and Maurice Godin are launching a new musical called Oy To The World, that celebrates the Jewish composers who brought us so many carol classics like Santa Claus Is Coming To Town, Oh, Holy Night and I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Then, we're speaking with investigative journalist, Diane Dimond whose new book about the dangers of guardianship is required reading in a Post-#FreeBritney world.

Oy To The World: Christmas With A Twist will premiere, December 14-23, at North Hollywood's El Portal Theatre:  Greg and Maurice give us a sneak peak into their new show which takes place at a Catskills lodge where the new owner decides to put on a Christmas show. In so doing, Christmas carol backstories emerge. Did you know, for example that Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer is inspired by writer Bob May being teased as a child about his “Jewish” nose? So, yes, not just Jesus, but also Rudolph was Jewish!

Diane joins us to discuss her new book, We’re Here To Help: When Guardianship Goes Wrong. She shares her extensive research into the dangerously secretive and insular “legal” practices which lead to citizens losing control of their finances and their freedom. The guardianship or conservatorship systems in the U.S. are state-run,

largely unregulated and increasingly populated by financially motivated predators.

As we’ve learned from Britney, anyone who has saved some money or who is earning money is at risk. Diane offers shocking examples of the system’s dysfunction and the victims and devastated family members left in its destructive wake. Diane also offers solutions and tips for keeping yourself and your family members safe. As a generation of Boomers continues aging, it is vitally important that we address, amend and federalize guardianship law.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending the new Joan Baez documentary on Prime and Apple TV, I Am Noise and a new crazy cult doc mini-series on Max, Love Has Won: The Cult of Mother God.

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