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Episode 158

Challenging Christian Nationalism & Deconstructing Evangelical Indoctrination

Episode 158
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Many young people raised within the restrictive discipline of a strict, Christian evangelical childhood are pulling away from that narrow and dogmatic framework as adults and finding comfort and guidance in a podcasting community of fellow travelers who are walking a similar path.

Among these bold podcasters are two former church leaders who are now critical voices in a campaign against Christian Nationalism and for a free and fair pluralistic democracy.

Scholar, author, coach and co-host of Straight White American Jesus, Brad Onishi joins us along with musician, author and host of Chapel Probation, Scott Okamoto.

In Brad’s new book, Preparing for War, he offers brilliant insights into our history and legacy of colonialism, racism and white supremacy and how our untreated wounds continue to fester and infect our political landscape. Bigotry and prejudice are even more insidiously dangerous when they come holding a cross, wrapped in a flag.

Brad’s podcast with Dan Miller is Straight White American Jesus in which the two university professors examine and discuss the intersection of the religious right  and politics in America.

Scott’s focus is on Evangelical colleges. He taught for 16 years at Azusa Pacific University and become increasingly disillusioned by the subpar academic standards in support of white supremacy. His book, Asian American Apostate recounts his struggle to break free of a value system that encourages White Christian cultural power and to, instead, embrace his own Japanese heritage.

Scott’s podcast, Chapel Probation features conversations with fellow evangelical college graduates with horrifying stories to share about life on the inside and their escapes from racist, sexist and unforgiving indoctrination.

We talk in-depth about the problematic curricula at Fundamentalist Christian colleges, homeschooling and private religious education. We explore the meaning of  deconstruction and decolonization as the terms apply to those departing from Christian backgrounds, the Seven Mountains mandate, the new Apostolic Reformation, the ascension of Mike Johnson, purity culture, why the right loves Trump and Putin & much more.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending The Holdovers and Rustin.

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