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Episode 157

The Singularity of The Beatles & The Legacy of the JFK Assassination

Episode 157
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Every boomer was gutted and then rocked by the tragedy of JFK’s assassination followed by the joy of The Beatles’ arrival at the airport named in his honor. Both topics continue to resonate. Today on the show, broadcasting pioneer and JFK assassination historian John Barbour joins us to discuss his latest film, John Barbour & William Shakespeare’s Last Word On The Murder of JFK. And Breakfast With The Beatles Host Chris Carter is with us to talk about his live appearances and The Beatles’ return to the charts!

Emmy Winning writer/host/comedian/director John Barbour has been studying JFK’s assassination since he first picked up Mark Lane’s book, Rush To Judgement. John has extensively interviewed New Orleans D.A. Jim Garrison, who prosecuted alleged conspirator Clay Shaw and inspired Oliver Stone’s groundbreaking film JFK. John’s richly researched assassination documentaries soon followed. His third will be screened on November 22nd, the 60th anniversary of the assassination, at the Laemmle Encino Town Center.

Breakfast With The Beatles host Chris Carter is a founding member of the 80s alternative band Dramarama, known for the iconic 1986 single, Anything, Anything (I’ll Give You). He joins us to talk Beatles. With our attention now so diversified there will never be another band as popular, inspiring and influential. Chris is celebrating 40 years of broadcasting BWTB (now available five days a week on Sirius XM and Sundays on KLOS) with live broadcast events around Los Angeles.

Chris shares his playlist programming process and discusses the challenges of doing justice to the most well known foursome in the world and their devoted fans. You can test your own Beatles knowledge as Chris reveals fascinating facts plus his insights into the relationships between the bandmates, his thoughts on what it was like to become world famous while still so young, and why the Beatles have fans of every age from every generation. And Chris shares intriguing background on the creation of the new hit song, Now and Then. We also take a tangential trip into music docs (including Chris's Rodney Bingenheimer film, Mayor of the Sunset Strip).

In recommendations, Fritz is offering Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City by Mathew Desmond and Weezy is watching (after having read!) Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+.

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