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Episode 153

Timeless Songs From The 70s & A Principled Passion For Music

Episode 153
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Singer-songwriter Gilbert O'Sullivan continues to grace audiences around the globe with his wit, warmth, whimsy and musical genius as he has been doing since 1970 when he stirred UK audiences with Nothing Rhymed and then captured and broke hearts around the world with Alone Again, (Naturally.) The song has been covered over 75 times, including by Nina Simone, Neil Diamond, The Pet Shop Boys and Elton John, Michael Buble and Diana Krall (A duet about being alone? OK.)

Gilbert stood out not only for his inventively catchy and wrenching songs but also for his carefully crafted personal style. Initially inspired by silent film stars and later by college lads. He would emboss outfits with a large letter G. (Gilbert U. Fine school.)

And still today, Gilbert continues to set a distinctive path with new music, duets with today’s stars and world tours. He’ll be hitting the west coast in November with exclusive dates, including L.A.’s Troubadour.

Gilbert talks with us about his influences, his musical style and philosophy, and his deep and abiding appreciation for fans who have so embraced his songs. We also get into his ground-breaking court cases which won him back his catalogue of songs from manager, Gordon Mills and took on the new world of sampling when Biz Markie “borrowed”  Alone Again (Naturally). Gilbert had said no because he does not want that song to be used comedically.

Oh, and what’s Clair doing now? Well, she is no longer in need of a babysitter and we have an update!

In recommendations, Fritz saw The Burial (2023) in theaters. Weezy has been listening to two podcasts: Grapevine and We Don't Talk About Leonard and Gilbert does not own a cell phone but thanks to his daughter’s tech support, he is enjoying the podcast, McCartney: A Life In Lyrics.

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