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Episode 151

Upper Crust Comedy & The Secrets To Sublime Living

Episode 151
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Craig Kilborn has indelibly and stylishly stamped his unique, hosty  brand across the worlds of Sports and Late Night Comedy.

Mixing a patrician personality, with a razor sharp wit and folding in a pinch of irreverent snark, Lord Kilby has now taken up residency at manner houses in the lands of Instagram and podcasting.

A star high school athlete, Craig excelled at basketball, knowing that his future lay in comedy. He blended his strengths as a smart aleck  sportscaster in Monterey, California where he acquired his taste for the fancy which he now celebrates on Instagram and on his podcast, The Life Gorgeous.

Craig joins us with action items for those who aspire to live their lives more gorgeously. (You may need a boat.) And despite the adversity of no adversity, he tells us how a tall, handsome, high school jock was able to acquire so sharp a wit. His SportsCenter stint forever changed the tone of sportscasting and, on a personal note, led to a surprise phone call from new fan, Bill Murray!

We discuss Craig’s background as The Daily Show's inaugural host, taking over for Tom Snyder on The Late, Late Show, and why he eventually lost his passion for the politics of it all and stepped away.

Plus, Weezy shares highlights from the performance of Unforgettable Sunrise, a symphony written by non-verbal autistic teen, Jacob Rock.

Fritz is recommending A Haunting in Venice, now in theaters and Weezy strongly advises you to watch the documentary, Torn on Hulu.

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