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Episode 150

The Healing Power of Humor & Laughing Towards Enlightenment

Episode 150
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Craig Shoemaker believes in the power of laughter and he's experienced its transformational force firsthand. The showbiz vet with decades of experience in writing, producing, acting and stand up comedy is fully invested in helping others, through humor with his organization, Laughter Heals. To this end, he speaks frankly, lives courageously and is persistently seeking the higher self that will ensure a reach towards his potential.

Craig speaks with raw courage about his painful past, the obstacles he has faced and conquered and those that are currently vexing and challenging him. Undaunted, he understands that laughter is a force more powerful than anger and that positive energy creates a pathway towards healing the wounds of trauma, neglect and abuse.

Craig joins us to share his unique and effective blend of levity and love and how his coaching program, Winning With Humor is helping folks from all of life’s walks achieve goals and more fully align with their true selves.

We get Craig’s unfiltered take on parenting, marriage, divorce, dating and his unconventional childhood with a “fun mom” and an absent dad. An industrious young Craig found himself looking for dads in all the wrong places, writing earnest “Please Marry My Mom” sales pitches to Paul Lynne and Tim McCarver. It was a hard pass from both.

Craig shares how his comedy has saved lives and how his patented “love master” techniques have created them. We learn how cults, coincidences and the call and response of the universe have followed him throughout his life. Laughter being the enduring soundtrack.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Never Let Him Go on Hulu, The Morning Show on Apple TV+ and John Mills with Orchids in Zoom, live at The Write-Off Room in Studio City on October 9th!

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