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Episode 145

Courage, Compassion, Kindness & The Many Talents of Your Teen Crush featuring Robby Benson

Episode 145
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Robby Benson is living proof that character is destiny, guided by his values, integrity, talent and curiosity, Robby has overcome much to achieve more. He is an actor, writer, producer, director, author, musician, photographer, professor, songwriter, novelist, activist and former teen idol!

Robby’s early screen stardom was just scratching his creative surface and Robby’s immense devotion to his wife and family only deepen his appreciation of life and its gifts.

Robby joins us to talk about his strong family bonds, his collaborations with his fiercely talented wife Karla DeVito, his extraordinary parents, including his Mom who is Fritz’s upstairs neighbor. We eagerly await that sit-com.

For hardcore Robby Benson heartthrob film fans, we do get into Ode to Billy Joe, Ice Castles, Lucky Lady and One on One.

Robby also offers a master class in heart health care, sharing his personal journey through four open heart surgeries to correct a congenital defect. In true Robby fashion, he carved his struggle into art, writing the book, “I’m Not Dead…Yet,” which he then adapted into the musical Open Heart.

Robby has directed over 100 episodes of network sitcoms and his first novel, “Who Stole the Funny,” is a fictionalized account of one disturbingly harrowing week he spent on the set of a “make-believe” show.

Robby also joins us for a spirited round of Media Path's favorite pretend game show, “IMDB Roulette”

Robby is currently working on paying tribute to his late father and co-writer, Jerry Segal with a play which will feature their music. Additionally, it’s still top secret but Robby is starring in the second season of Sevarance.

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending The Hollies: Look Through Any Window on FreeVee, Painkiller on Netflix and the Barbie movie.

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