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Episode 144

Half a Century on the TV Set & Multi-Cultural Arts for L.A.’s Youth featuring Vernée Watson

Episode 144
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A new documentary about actress Vernée Watson is very aptly titled: You Look Familiar, and she does. But only to anyone who’s watched TV in the past five decades! Vernée has been in so many important and iconic series over the years that a journey through her IMDB page requires a packed lunch. And remember to hydrate.

Vernee’s resume includes the boomer classics, Welcome Back Kotter, The Jeffersons and Good Times. In the 90’s she earned millennial cred in Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (She played Will's mom) and Sister, Sister.

Vernée joins us with showbiz stories that star Will Smith, John Travolta, Denzel Washington and beyond! Her Harlem childhood trained her to be prepared and professional and to do the work! Plus, Vernée stood her ground way pre-#MeToo and she has advice for women in any industry.

Check out Vernée’s non-profit, Heartfelt Education through the Arts, where she and co-founder Eartha Robinson nurture young talent in a multicultural space. That talent includes Vernée’s son, Josh Johnson who became an Alvin Ailey dancer at the age of 15!

Plus, we play IMDB Roulette to hear tasty morsels of showbiz magic from behind the scenes of shows like The West Wing, Big Bang Theory, and The Jeffersons!

Also, Weezy is recommending the book, Solito by Javier Zamora and her new reality TV passion, Claim to Fame while Fritz is obsessed with Oppenheimer.

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