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Episode 136

How TV Shapes Culture & Why We Needed The Waltons

Episode 136
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We are exploring the infinite feedback loop between television and society with pop culture historian/author Herbie J Pilato and Eric Scott, who played Ben on The Waltons. Herbie’s newest book is called Retro Active Television: An In-Depth Perspective on Classic TV’s Social Circuitry which includes a forward written by Eric!

We hear about Eric's childhood adventures with his fellow Walton kids on the studio lot, how his relationship with his own parents ensured that his experience as a child actor was a positive one and why our social atmosphere in the 70s was open to positively receiving a warm and cozy show about a family weathering the Great Depression of 1930s.

Herbie then gives us his extensively researched and passion-fueled perspective on the life-affirming TV shows of the past as he encourages us to avoid today’s darker content while embracing and revisitng the charm and magic of Golden Era TV which is so readily available to us now, across many platforms.

We talk about Kung Fu, TV Westerns, sit-coms then and now, the dawn of the miniseries event, After School Specials (some of which featured Eric!) and TV as an educational and inspiring resource. We address the urban/rural divide, the changing late night landscape, and Eric takes on a round of Waltons trivia!

Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Little Richard: I am Everything on Apple and Amazon Prime and Judy Blume’s Are You There, God? It's Me Margaret, now in theaters.

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