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Episode 134

Documentary Film & Personal Storytelling

Episode 134
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We are serving up a film fan's dream discussion, as we plunge deep into the techniques, processes, challenges and craft of documentary filmmaking with two talented creators, Brandon Ogborn and Reed Harkness. Both are captivating storytellers whose productions are based on personal experiences and relationships, exploring the themes of family, community, ethics and society’s expectations.

Brandon's film, 'Damn, Dana' is a character study as well as a snapshot of an unprecedented time in our recent past, focusing on restaurateur Dana Tanner, whose refusal to close the doors of her Long Beach eatery during COVID-19 lockdowns sparked national interest and turned her into the poster child for one the pandemic's most controversial issues, the effect of government mandates on the service industry.

Reed's feature 'Sam Now' is an examination of how individual family members processed the disappearance of his step-mother. Reed facilitated and filmed his brother Sam’s journey to find his mom which led to Sam ultimately finding himself. 25 years in the making, Reed’s brother bonding project inspired his entire family to better understand their own emotions and unique connections.

Brandon and Reed discuss the catalysts for each of their documentaries, the roles played by  family and friends, their storytelling approaches and directing styles, their subjects’ receptions of their films and what they learned from their respective themes… boys and men grappling with difficult emotions and how we all responded to the frightening early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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