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Episode 129

Adam Schiff and Dee Wallace - Playing To Their Strengths

Episode  129
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Adam Schiff is a public servant who is devoted to his country, his duty and his local, podcasting constituents such as Fritz Coleman. Congressman Schiff carved out some time in his democracy saving day to speak with us about his bipartisan childhood, grabbing Fox “News” by the green, his Senate run and the threat he appears to be posing to Tucker Carlson.

Then, Dee Wallace has much to share. She’s got many projects about to land, including the new version of Fatal Attraction from Lizzy Caplan. Dee enlightens us on the healing energy of horror movies, her travels with “her boys,” Henry Thomas, Robert McNaughton and Danny Pintauro, celebrating important E.T. and Cujo anniversaries and her canine connection with Adam Schiff. They both co-star with their dogs in the photo book, In Good Company. Dee also continues to shine her bright light, as she writes, teaches, lectures and coaches her life affirming and goal attaining principals.

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Louise Palanker (00:00):

I'm wondering if you can talk about the history of Russian disinformation campaigns under Soviet rule in the fifties and sixties as a godless state. They went for America's left flank, which was idealistic youth who were disillusioned with capitalism, et cetera. In the two thousands under Putin, they began to value mirror a right flank, feigning, pro-gun, anti-gay and Christian beliefs. How can we help folks understand that authoritarian rule poses a greater threat than do fellow American Democrats?

Adam Schiff (00:31):

Um, I, I think you're exactly right about, uh, Russian use of propaganda has a long and sorted history. Um, it's important for Americans to realize that the Russians aren't partisans. Um, they're opportunistic. Uh, they view the world in a zero sum terms. What's good for Russia is bad for America, uh, and what is good for America is bad for Russia. Uh, and so fundamentally they wanna undermine our democracy. Uh, Putin is terrified of these color revolutions that swept the country and forced rulers out, uh, throughout one of the Ukrainian leaders. It's one of the reasons why he's so fixated on Ukraine, on his border. If Ukrainians can enjoy democracy, it causes Russians to ask themselves why can't we? Um, but, uh, but it's important to note that while the Russians have amplified these right wing themes, while Russians amplified attacks on Hillary Clinton, and then attacks on Joe Biden, many of the same attacks said, questioning their health of Hillary Clinton, then questioning the health of Joe Biden, um, while they clearly had a favorite in our presidential elections, um, it was because they viewed Donald Trump as good for Russia.


Uh, it's because they were afraid of a Clinton presidency. Uh, it's because they believed that Joe Biden would stand up to Russia in ways that Donald Trump would not. Uh, it wasn't because they're Democrats or Republicans. They're Russians. Uh, and, uh, and first and foremost, they just want to set Americans against other Americans. Uh, so that took the form of amplifying false claims of election fraud. Uh, it took the form of, uh, you know, um, inserting itself into the fight over gun rights, uh, or, uh, immigration. Um, but we need to realize it for what it is. They do not have our best interests at heart. Uh, and, and we need to defend our fellow democracies and stand up to authoritarians. Uh, and that means we need to do it at home and we need to do it abroad. Um, uh, and so I do think that, uh, all of us that grew up in the post World War II generation came to take democracy for granted, uh, and, and failed to realize that every generation has to struggle to keep it alive, uh, and we need to struggle to keep it alive in this country.

Fritz Coleman (02:46):

Uh, um, are, are you at all uncomfortable with this new unholy alliance over the last couple of weeks between Putin and she and whatever's going on behind the scenes there? Should we be concerned about that, or is that just a public relations ploy by Putin?

Adam Schiff (03:05):

No, we should be very concerned about it because I think what's at the root of it is China is watching Russia, Ukraine and the world reaction with an eye towards potentially invading Taiwan. Um, and so China is looking for an ally in Russia for the day when they may choose to invade. Uh, and, and I think President Xi thinks if he is critical of Russia, uh, invading its neighbor, then will the Russians be critical when they invade, if they invade Taiwan? Uh, so it's very transactional, uh, and, uh, and I do think, um, both because we need to defend our Ukrainian democratic ally. Uh, and this is the, the biggest threat of military force since World War ii, uh, with Russia trying to once again remake the map of Europe by dinton military force. Uh, it's important in its own right, but it's also important because if the world doesn't respond, um, then she will take this as license, uh, to use China's military might, uh, to remake the map of Asia. Um, and, and very much as Taiwan and its sites. Uh, so I, I don't think this is merely, you know, making nice or a, uh, just a press opportunity. Uh, I think it is a, um, we'll look the other way while you invade your neighbor, if you look the other way when we invade ours.

Fritz Coleman (04:32):

No, that's so interesting. Wow.

Louise Palanker (04:34):

Do you believe that Covid has been weaponized to divide us?

Adam Schiff (04:40):

Yes. Uh, I mean, you, getting back to your question before, the Russians certainly have at attempted to weaponize our debate at home over covid. The sad thing is that the Russians don't need to invent these controversies anymore. You know, back in the day of the Poll Bureau, they had to invent things. Now they just have to amplify the nonsense that comes from some of our own people. And in particular, the nonsense that comes from our former president. Uh, and it's, it's a terrible tragedy. We've now lost 900,000 Americans. 900,000 are fellow citizens. Uh, and so many of them did not have to perish from this terrible plate. Um, but because it has been politically advantageous for some to, to politicize the, the virus, the vaccine, and wearing masks, because some have sought political advantage in doing so, uh, because others have pushed out, uh, misinformation, um, it has cost us dearly in lives.


And, uh, we have to find our way back to making this public health crisis a nonpartisan issue, uh, and, and focusing on the welfare of own citizens. We just had an altercation here in Congress today, uh, with a member who's a Republican member who accosted a Democratic member when she asked him to follow the rules and wear a mask, um, which we're trying to do well, the o omicron has still been, uh, so high here in DC and the, and the hill has been unfortunately hotspot. Um, so, uh, the, the decibel level on this is way off the chart. Uh, and it is just, uh, I think making us less safe as a country.

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