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Episode 126

Backstage at Three's Company & Broadway with Richard Kline

Episode  126
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DO pay some attention to the man behind the curtain - in Wicked, he’s played by Richard Kline and he’s brimming with hilarious anecdotes and intriguing stories, spanning six show biz decades, and going strong!

Richard Kline played Jack Tripper’s pal, Larry Dallas in Three’s Company. And he’s the only cast member besides John Ritter to appear on the show and both of its spin-offs. Richie fills us in on the backstage skinny, the controversies, the antics, the friendships, the female co-stars’ struggles, the roughhousing with Ritter, the trip to Vegas with Don Knots and he tops it off with a spot on Norman Fell impression.

Richie goes on to talk about his first love, theater, including his Broadway moments with Wicked and Waitress, his life on the road in touring companies and his acting workshops.

Richard Kline is Media Path family, having directed the Fritz Coleman one-man shows that Weezy produced, It’s Me, Dad and The Reception so fair warning: reminiscing does ensue.

We round things out with some Three’s Company Trivia and a discussion on the disturbing nature of this year’s Oscar frontrunners!

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