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Episode 124

A "Hollywood" Self Discovery Story & How The 60s Shaped Wall Street


Warning: Listening may result in an overwhelming compulsion to read! First, Diane Bay finally received her birth mom’s name from the state of Illinois. She nervously typed it into Google… Her birth mom is New Hollywood darling and cult movie queen, Karen Black, who starred in Easy Rider, The Graduate, Five Easy Pieces and so much more!

Diane’s journey to self discovery pulls her from elation to despair when she learns that her mom is dying. Their heart wrenching year together is chronicled beautifully in Diane’s book, Finding Karen Black. Joining us for the episode is Karen’s best friend, actor Lee Purcell who is uniquely positioned to provide us with Karen’s emotionally wrenching perspective.

Then we welcome finance insider Richard E. Farley who is winning our favorite book title of the year award with: Gonzo Wall Street: Riots, Radicals, Racism and Revolution - How the Go-Go Bankers of the 1960s Crashed the Financial System and Bamboozled Washington. Richard takes a long look at Wall Street in the 1960s, and finding that the precident for the 2008 bailouts was set when the corrupt Wall Street investment banks of the 1960s held Congress over a barrel and got an outrageous taxpayer-funded bailout of what THEY owed their customers.

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