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Episode 123

TV News Trailblazing & A Legendary L.A. Broadcast Team featuring Kelly Lange


Kelly Lange began her trailblazing TV career when women in broadcasting were treated as a “novelty.” But armed with brains and ingenuity, Kelly carved out a career path which led to her becoming the first female news anchor in Los Angeles and a nightly fixture at KNBC.

Kelly and our cohost, former KNBC weatherman Fritz Coleman are back together at long last, recounting story after memorable story which weave into a brilliant retrospective of broadcasting in the Los Angeles market and primetime news through the decades.

Take, for example, Kelly’s plucky resolve to become the KABC traffic copter girl, “Dawn O’Day” and the only-in-Hollywood tale of how she landed her anchor spot at KNBC.

Kelly and Fritz were broadcasting nightly into the homes of L.A.’s most notable citizens, prompting calls from Bette Davis and Marlon Brando and fanboys like Jimmy Stewart and Orson Wells!

Did you know that Jane Fonda shadowed Kelly for a week in training for her role as a newscaster in The China syndrome?

We learn how Kelly began her latest chapter as a mystery writer and we even get to hear about her boyfriend Jim's TV writing career as Kelly switches smoothly from interviewee to interviewer! 

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