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Episode 122

Family Filmmaking & The Black Music Industry


We welcome the new year with a rich buffet of guests, starting with husband and wife filmmaking team, Anayancy and Jess Thomas whose project, God & Salsa tells the story of a grieving therapist and a troubled teen who save each other. The film explores suicide, depression, divorce, parental alienation, narcissism, hope and healing.

Next, we are joined by Dr. Logan Westbrooks a groundbreaking black music executive and industry veteran with over 50 years of experience launching careers, making history and positively changing our music and civil rights landscapes.

Dr. Westbrooks joins us to talk about his newest book, 'Power 101: The Harvard Report, Soul Music, and The American Dream', which examines the controversial 1972 Harvard Report which studied and forcast how black folks would be consuming music.

Dr. Westbrook’s journey took him from a childhood in Memphis to the boardrooms of major record labels. He was assigned to oversee The Harvard Report by Clive Davis and CBS Records and he helps us understand how black music and our nation’s trajectory were impacted by one another, pulling us towards a greater understanding of race and destiny in America.

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