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Episode 120

Women at the Mic & Best Friends in Comedy featuring Shawn Pelofsky and Vicki Barbolak


Shawn Pelofsky and Vicki Barbolak are fellow standup comedy besties who are taking their friendship to the next level. Yes, they would like to announce their podcast.

Shawn and Vicki host Trailer Park Diaries. Partly truth, mostly make believe, as if Prairie Home Companion moved into a double wide.

We go behind the trailer with Shawn and Vicki to learn just how much of their diary stories are true and how much is merely aspirational. We’re also talking about the spine strength either required or acquired by women in comedy. We discuss crowd work, improv rules and knowing your audience.

And Shawn confesses that she is as hooked on The Real Housewives as they appear to be on wine. Weezy’s reality drug of choice is The Bachelor. We’ve all watched Harry and Meghan and we have opinions!

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