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Episode 118

Making Air Waves & The Golden Age of Radio featuring Guy Zapoleon and Jhani Kaye


We welcome radio royalty. Two kings, baring gifts of knowledge, experience, stories and maybe some myrrh. Guy Zapoleon, President of Zapoleon Consulting, is a veteran of almost 50 years in the business. He’s programmed and consulted major radio stations including KIIS-FM in Los Angeles, Z100 in New York and KZZP in Phoenix.

Jhani Kaye is the longest running Program Director of a music station in the country’s largest market, Los Angeles, working with KOST-FM for 23 years.

Guy and Jhani tell us what drew them to radio, how they started, what they’ve learned, the hit records they launched and, within an era of streaming media, what is to become of radio!?

We get way into the fun and fantastic heyday of radio replete with big personalities, big hits and bigger hair. The promotions and publicity stunts, the 10-year music cycle, what the future looks like and so much more.... plus, our co-hosts weigh in with their own radio background stories, Fritz having started his media career on the air, on a ship in the Navy and Weezy as co-founder of Premiere Radio Networks, now part of iHeartMedia!

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