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Episode 115

A Cowsills Christmas, L.A.'s Favorite Public Radio & The Mind of the Modern Man


We are three guests deep, welcoming Guy’s Guy, Robert Manni whose brand and purpose are all about guiding men and boys through an ever-changing cultural landscape towards a better understanding of themselves, women and our collective human experience.

From there, we’re backstage with The Cowsills who are bedecked with jolly and about to take the stage for the Andy Williams Moon River Theater Christmas Extravaganza in Branson.

The Cowsills just dropped brand new music with their album, Rhythm of the World, they share a special history with our co-host Louise Palanker who directed the doc, Family Band: The Cowsills Story, they are armed with teen idol memories and ready to play Teen Mag Trivia AND, they will close out their appearance here with a helping of Christmas Carol!

We culminate with KCRW’s Steve Chiotakis, host of Greater L.A. and a man who truly understands Los Angeles on a granular, neighborhood level. What do Angelenos need and expect from their local NPR station? How is public media structured? What is the news/music/information mix that suits listeners? And how can public radio best entertain and inform the people it serves?

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