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Episode 114

Shifting from Morning Radio to Podcasting with Tom & Dan


In 2009, Tom Vann and Daniel Dennis left their corporate radio gigs and ventured boldly into the great unknown of podcasting with their under promisingly titled show, A Mediocre Time with Tom and Dan.

Armed with only their well-honed rapport, technical know-how, business acumen and a hearty helping of tenacity, Tom and Dan have successfully transitioned, along with their Orlando, FL fan base, from terrestrial radio to streaming audio, bringing their charismatic, easy chemistry and fearless candor to a devoted following who have endearingly labeled themselves, “Scumbags.”

It hasn't been easy. T & D have sacrificed and faced difficult decisions. They’ve contended with legal entanglements and crash coursed the basics of running the sales & marketing end of their business. Tom and Dan join us to talk about everything from publicity stunts to, baring their souls to podcast monetization!

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