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Episode 112

The First Real Working Mom On Film & L.A.'s Unhoused In Crisis


Our guest is Joyce Chopra who broke bold ground as a female filmmaker in the 1970s with her award winning documentary short, Joyce at 34, profiling her own struggle as a working woman, to have and raise a child. The film’s existence thus proving that she could do both.

Her Sundance winning feature, (One of the first directed by a woman) Smooth Talk (1985) starring Treat Williams and Laura Dern opened doors to male dominated spaces that she treacherously navigated, paving paths for others to follow.

Joyce’s new book, Lady Director: Adventures in Hollywood, Television and Beyond, tells her captivating stories.

Also joining us is Jan Perry a Los Angeles civic leader now serving as Executive Director of Shelter Partnership which helps provide essential needs to the unhoused. Jan shares that we can all work together to help address the homeless crisis in our cities.

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