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Episode 096

The Birth of Rock and Roll featuring Pat Boone


In the mid 1950s, Pat Boone’s early hits, Ain’t That A Shame and Tutti Frutti broke ground for black songwriter/performers Fats Domino and Little Richard while ushering in the dawn of rock n’ roll. From there, Pat segued smoothly into film and television while raising a famous family and recording over 2300 songs, including the iconic hits, Friendly Persuasion, Love Letters In The Sand and April Love. Pat’s commitment to faith and family helped forge his guiding principles. Did you know that he walked away from his TV show when they wouldn't allow him to book Harry Belafonte? Pat has stories for you.

Plus Fritz and Weezy have absolutely nothing to say about Ol’ Abe while recommending both The Lincoln Highway and The Lincoln Lawyer.

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