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Episode 091

SXSW & Media Meets the Moment W/Steve Mencher


NPR/PBS’s Steve Mencher took in so much of SXSW he simply must offload some of it to us. Steve’s festival strategy did not include pacing himself. Steve saw films, heard talks and attended concerts by Dolly Parton, Ron Howard, Willie Nelson, Sheryl Crow, Gabby Giffords, Magic Johnson, Richard Linklater, and beyond. He returned with photos and interviews and the scoop on all of the wonderful media we are all about to enjoy this year including: Apollo 10 1/2, Run, Rose, Run, Mama Bears, Jazz Fest: A New Orleans Story, They Call Me Magic, Sheryl, Gabby Giffords Won’t Back Down, We Feed People, and Bad Axe. Cozy up to your blue tooth streaming device of choice for a vicarious journey to SXSW.

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