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Episode 084

Seeking Truth & Penning Fiction featuring Danuta Pfeiffer


Danuta Pfeiffer’s stunningly beautiful memoir, Chiseled joins Educated, The Glass Castle and Angela’s Ashes in that rare class of memorable books by authors who have triumphed over nearly impossible childhoods. Danuta’s latest work is Libertas, the first in a trilogy, following the flight for freedom of two runaway slaves and their trek across 19th Century America, seeking liberty. Danuta joins us to talk about her own search for meaning which compelled her to study philosophy, religion and the source of her father’s pain. Her journey finds her co-hosting the 700 Club with Pat Robertson, bicycling from Canada to Mexico, traveling to Poland to learn the truth about her abusive father and at long last, finding love, and faith in nature and in herself. Plus, Fritz and Weezy are recommending Inventing Anna on Netflix and The Rescue on Disney Plus.

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