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Episode 083

Patriotism & Public Service W/ Adam Schiff


Adam Schiff’s work and words have served as ballast for our balance of power against the chaotic headwinds of the trump administration. Congressman Schiff’s best selling book, Midnight In Washington places you in his shoes and thoughts as he journeys from young, idealistic dreamer to prosecutor, to congressman to an individual uniquely prepared to meet our nation’s moment of crisis as Lead (first) Impeachment Manager. His warning that Trump will betray us again went unheeded. The crimes that followed included Trump’s failure to  respond to the  COVID crisis, resulting in the loss of over 900,000 U.S. lives, the Capital insurrection and a deeper plot to overturn our election and overthrow our democracy. Adam Schiff joins us for an illuminating conversation.

Plus, Weezy and Fritz headed down the Political/Policy path and are recommending the documentaries, Slay the Dragon and Can You Hear Us Now? The Fallout on HBO and the timely classics, A Face in the Crowd and Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.

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