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Episode 075

Comedy, Art & Healing W/ Eric Schwartz & Cynthia Levin


What do comedians know about what you should watch and read and consider? They know a lot. We are joined by comedians, sages, thinkers Eric Schwartz and Cynthia Levin and we are talking about artistic pursuits, bundling your talents, turning a mistake into a meaningful moment, and owning the stage. Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending the American Radical Podcast, The Mixtape series from Radio Lab, Coming Out Colton on Netflix, Spielberg’s West Side Story, and Harlem Shuffle by Colson Whitehead but that’s just the beginning. Cynthia and Eric are recommending Being the Ricardos, Wu Tang Saga on Hulu, Narcos Mexico on Netflix, All About Me by Mel Brooks and Steve Martin on Masterclass.

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