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Episode 046

Country Music & Inclusivity w/Billy Gillman


Billy Gilman’s story is as American and as moving and inspiring as the lyrics of any country music song. Signed to a record deal at age 11, Billy’s smash hit One Voice captured hearts and fans but Billy’s awareness of his truth was moving faster than Nashville’s ability to accept it. Billy came out as gay in 2014 and moved into the power pop lane for his season on The Voice where he placed second. Only now is he turning back towards his country roots, collaborating with the acapella group Home Free for a reimagining of his first hit. Billy is here to talk about all of it.
Plus Fritz and Weezy are recommending David Attenborough’s Life in Color on Netflix, Framing John DeLorean on Amazon Prime, documentaries on the Dixie Chicks’ and the Chely Wright, Shut Up and Sing and Wish Me Away and Ken Burns’ Country Music series on PBS.

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