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Today's Obsession?

Teaching Life Lessons & Film Score Composing featuring Ruth Mendelson

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Composer/Instrumentalist/Producer/Arranger/Editor/Professor Ruth Mendelson has written award-winning scores for film and television. She teaches at the Berklee College of music and she has written a fantastical, multi-dimensional, treasure hunt fairy tale for children of all ages called The Water Tree Way that will positively alter your trajectory through the world, pointing you towards joy, success and love. Ruth joins us with the wisdom behind her wisdom and Fritz and Weezy are recommending Dopesick on Hulu and The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein.

Addional Path Navigations

Ruth Mendelson

Ruth Mendelson at Berklee College of Music


The Water Tree Way by Ruth Mendelson


Dr. Jane Goodall on The Water Tree Way


Well Wishes and Blessings Project


 The Prison Within Film


The Hopecast - Dr. Jane Goodall's Podcast


DopeSick on Hulu

The Invisible Wall by Harry Bernstein

Water Tree Way Lessons Include:




Respect Nature


Notice Patterns

Find Your Center

Practice Calmness

De-Escalate Conflict

Honor Your Ideas

Hear Your Own Music

Be Kind

We are all connected 

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