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Today’s Obsession?

Songwriting & Legacy Making

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Her path has taken her from Cher to to Celine, from Gaga to McCartney, from Bieber to Biden and beyond. Iconic songwriting diva Diane Warren joins Fritz and Weezy to share insights into her creative process and how she has successfully harnessed the power of her songs into a successful business. With 37 years of hit records behind her, Diane remains focussed on her next projects which include an upcoming curated album of her songs featuring some of her favorite artists, a possible trip to Broadway and this year’s Oscars. Diane’s songs Io si (Seen) from The Life Ahead and Free from The One and Only Ivan are both short-listed for Academy Award nominations. Plus, Fritz and Weezy recommend Judas and the Black Messiah, Nomadland, Why We’re Polarized and The Black Church.

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