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Kimberly Soenen
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Kimberly Soenen is the creative director, curator and editor of “SOME People” (Every) Body, an ongoing, multiverse group project that raises questions about definitions of “health," "health insurance," “healthcare” and Public Health. A Best Practice and Public Health policy thought leader, Soenen has combined the creative and journalistic forces of photographers, artists, essayists and physicians to curate a mix of reportage and art that both challenges and inspires the ways in which we think about health and healthcare. Kimberly brings her experiences and expertise to a conversation with Fritz and Weezy on the Covid 19 pandemic, mental health, the future of the ACA, healthcare whistle blowers, the vaccination race and more. Plus Weezy and Fritz discuss, Showtime’s The Circus and The Comedy Store, Jennifer Siebel Newsom’s documentary, The Great American Lie and The Hallmark Channel’s When Calls The Heart.

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