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Steve Hodel
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You may have a uniquely conflicted and complicated relationship with your father but until you discover him to be a serial killer, Steve Hodel wins. Steve was a retired L.A. police detective when he learned that his father George Hodel had been a suspect in the 1947 Black Dahlia murder. Steve’s efforts to clear his dad’s name led him to discover and face the dark and disturbing truth in his own family history. Plus, Fritz and Weezy sort through their reading lists with titles by Mary Trump, Michael Cohen, Stephanie Winston Wolcoff, Bob Woodward and Peter Strzok.

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RAGE by Bob Woodward


COMPROMISED: Counterintelligence and The Threat of Donald J. Trump by Peter Strzok


HOAX: Fox News and the Dangerous Distortion of the Truth by Brian Stelter


MELANIA AND ME: The Rise and Fall of My Friendship With The First Lady by Stephanie Winston Wolcoff


DONALD TRUMP VS. THE UNITED STATES: Inside The Struggle To Stop A President by Michael Schmidt


DISLOYAL: The True Story OF The Former Personal Attorney To President Donald J. Trump by Michael Cohen


Too Much and Never Enough by Mary Trump


Unfit: The Psychology of Donald Trump


Steve Hodel


Steve Hodel Books


I Am The Night


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