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Media Path Podcast
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Fritz and Weezie

Co-Hosted by L.A. Broadcasting Legends

Fritz Coleman

Fritz Coleman was the weekday weathercaster at NBC4 LA for 39 years and as a comedian, he's been a working standup in Los Angeles since 1980. Fritz has made 8 appearances on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno and Johnny Carson and opened for many showbiz icons including Ray Charles and Debby Reynolds. He has written and performed 4 one-person shows and had several comedy specials on NBC Los Angeles for which he has received 5 local Emmy Awards. 

Since retiring from NBC in 2020, Fritz has been co-hosting Media Path Podcast and devoting more of his time to his stand-up and charity work.


Frtiz Coleman

Louise "Weezy" Palanker

Louise 'Weezy' Palanker is a co-founder of Premiere Radio Networks which is now a division of iHeart Media. Weezy is a writer, producer, director, comedian,  photographer, songwriter and drummer. A distinguished filmmaker, her documentaries include 'Family Band: The Cowsill Story,' exploring the dark truth behind the real-life band that inspired The Partridge Family and 'Margaret Singer: Seeking Light, which shares the art and wisdom of a 97 year old Holocaust Survivor.

Weezy is a trailblazer in the podcasting space, launching her first show in 2005. Media Path is her fifth and favorite podcast.

She grew up in Buffalo, NY and lives in Los Angeles and Santa Barbara with her husband Ron.


Weezy Palanker

Recent Episodes

Video captions available
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Standup Comedy & Modern Classic Film Acting with Kevin Pollak

Get ready to rewatch some Mrs. Maisel with the man behind Moishe, Kevin Pollak! His podcast is called My Mrs. Maisel Pod and he is taking a deep dive into the show with co-stars, creators and celebrity super-fans.


Kevin joins us to talk about his podcast celebration of the writing, production and cinematic marvel that is The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel along with his old school casting of pod, The Kevin Pollak Chat Show featuring ten years of conversations with superstars like Larry David, Dick Van Dyke, Tom Hanks, Bill Burr and Elon Musk, (in Kevin's words "before he became a bond villain.”) 



The Making of a Matinee Idol & Icons of Hollywood's Golden Age (Michael Gregg Michaud on Troy Donahue)

When TVs entered living rooms and Cinerama lit up movie screens, teens went nuts for Troy Donahue. Born Merle Johnson Jr. he was discovered at The Golden Pheasant restaurant in Calabasas by bigwigs, William Asher and James Sheldon. Signed to Rock Hudson’s manager Henry Wilson, Troy won the role of Johnny in A Summer Place and was a teen idol by the morning after opening night. 



Standup Comedy & Creating A Special with Ivan Decker

Ivan Decker’s standup comedy is sharp, relatable, polished and laugh-out-loud-by-yourself-on-your-couch-or-in-your-bed hilarious! 100% Canadian Content, Ivan is 12% funnier than a comparable American and he has brought his funny to the world square that is Youtube. Ivan’s newest special is called Popcorn and much like its taste-treat namesake, the show is irresistible.



Rock Legends & Immediate Family with Denny Tedesco, Waddy Wachtel & Leland Sklar

Director Denny Tedesco has followed up his smash hit documentary, The Wrecking Crew with an enlightening look at the next generation of session musicians who worked closely with  70s’ singer/songwriters in creating the soundtrack which continues to enrich and lift our lives. They are Waddy Wachtel, Leland Sklar, Russ Kunkel, Danny Kortchmar and Steve Postell. The band and the film are called Immediate Family.

Media Path Podcast is a weekly, hour-long audio and video podcast co-hosted by L.A. broadcasting legends Fritz Coleman & Louise Palanker. Fritz and Weezy discuss current media and iconic entertainment history with guests who've made an enormous impact on the industry and culture. Past guests include Henry Winkler, Christopher Knight, Ed Begley, Jr., The Cowsills, Peter Noone, The Righteous Brothers, Jon "Bowzer" Bauman & many more.


Media Path has listeners all over the world and has charted globally in the Arts and Books categories, including in Norway, Denmark, Austria, Ireland, The Philippines and all of North America. Media Path's global rank is in the top 3% of all podcasts on Listen Notes, a leading podcast search engine.

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The interview [Media Path] did with Richard Sterban of The Oak Ridge Boys is quite simply one of the best interviews I have ever been a part of in the fifty years that I have been in the business. It is brilliant and I send it out all the time to people who interview Richard. If I was teaching a journalism class, I would have everybody watch that interview. I would say to them "this is how you do it."

Sandy Brokaw, Publicist

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Reviews and Feedback

I love this podcast. It is smart, fun, and the guests are fantastic. I really appreciate how much research goes into each guest. There is great chemistry between the hosts. I look forward to each show!


Listening to the Media Path Podcast takes listeners on the road less traveled and much more interesting. The research they must have to do each show has to be extensive. Fritz & Weezy make me laugh, smile and sometimes want to research more. Glad to subscribe.


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Guest Hall of Fame

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Media Path Podcast
Fritz and Weezy

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